Become a Nabzy's Takeaway


1. Why buy a Nabzy's Franchise?
  • Its simple – you get advantage of previous experience in the business.
  • It’s a proven fact that 70% of new businesses fail. Main reason being, experience in all aspects of business management, operations and finance.
  • It’s a proven fact 95% of new franchises succeed.
  • You get a chance to run your own business along tried and tested lines with full support from the franchiser.
2. Support and training that you will receive
  • Quality control
  • Hygiene (you are required to have basic food hygiene certicates)
  • Sta motivation
  • Promotions and publicity
  • You will participate in our in-house training plan for 4 weeks prior to launch
  • An experienced Nabzy’s rep to guide you for 2 weeks on all matters at launch (40 hour week)
  • Monthly ‘check up’ report, based on a rating system
  • Mystery shopper (ratings for your performance)
3. Do you have what it takes?
To make a franchise succeed, first and most importantly you must have total commitment together with 100% support from your family. You will have to work long and unsociable hours in an industry, which is at its busiest in the evenings and at weekends. In other words the majority of the general public are enjoying leisure time and socializing. Everyone will hinge on your hunger for success and ability to transmit this determination to those around you. You will have to be able to communicate with and control the young staff who plays an essential role in the industry. Conveying your enthusiasm for the operation and service and obtaining the right sort of response is essential.
4. Next steps!
  • Initial application (Download Here!)
  • Sharing information
  • Formal application
  • Non disclosure agreement
  • Meeting
  • Survey of site (s)
  • Approval of site
  • Approval of franchise status
  • Development start
  • Market preparation and training
  • Nabzys launch
Download Franchise Form